Biting Into the World of Bits and Bytes With Innodisk

Consider yourself warmly welcomed to Innodisk’s very own blog, Take a Byte. Here, we’ll share insights into technology trends, behind-the-scenes looks at our products and manufacturing, as well as insights straight from our knowledgeable staff here in Taiwan.

If you’re one of (admittedly many) people who find things like IoT, AI, industrial computing, and so on, painfully dull—or at least not particularly interesting—you have come to the right place.

Concepts can be difficult to understand, abbreviations can be hard to keep track of, and, perhaps more than anything, there’s just so much of it all.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this blog, we’ll be dissecting concepts, explaining technologies, and providing real-world examples with the sole purpose of making things a little bit more interesting. Behind all the buzzwords and abbreviations, there’s real (and sometimes genuinely exciting!) technology that is making a difference in the real world, every day.

That’s the part we’ll focus on here in Take a Byte. If that sounds good to you, browse through our archives and learn something new and make sure to sign up for email alerts when we post something new. Worst case scenario, you’ll learn something new. Best case, you might even find it interesting! Surely, that’s a gamble well worth taking.


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