Write for Take a Byte

If you are interested in contributing to Innodisk’s Take a Byte, we welcome guest contributions that fall under the scope of this blog. Our contribution requirements aren’t strict: feel free to send us your blog post or pitch by email, either in the body text or as an attachment. We welcome both full articles and short pitches, and we are happy to discuss how to craft or modify articles according to our standards.

We simply ask that you follow a few basic guidelines, which you can find listed below:

  • Original content: It is important to us that all the content we publish hasn’t appeared elsewhere before. Plagiarism in any form, of course, is strictly prohibited.
  • Required content: We only require that you provide us with your contributed post’s text. If you want to include photos, suggest post categories or tags, or provide other rich media content, that is fine, too.
  • Editorial discretion: We retain the right to edit, clarify, and select the information we decide to include in contributed posts. Not to worry, however, as any content will require the contributor’s approval before publication.
  • Self-promotion: Articles are first and foremost meant to inform readers, so any self-promotion must be limited in scope. Since this platform is run by Innodisk, we require that posts that include self-promotion also promotes Innodisk’s products and/or services—at least indirectly.
  • Word count: Contributed articles should have a word count of 400-800 words. We recommend trying to keep articles at around 600 words for most topics.
  • Language: Take a Byte is published in American English and only accepts contributions in English.
  • Citations: If your contributed article uses external sources, make sure to include links and citations. All quotes must also be properly attributed to their author.

Please note that the above represent our guidelines – not our rules. If you believe that you can contribute excellent content that falls slightly outside these guidelines, we are happy to be flexible and discuss how to proceed with your contributed content.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that we publish all the contributions we receive.

Take a Byte contributions can be sent to andy_chen@innodisk.com